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We’re a small team of independent journalists, artists, and other mostly hand-to-mouth freelancers providing pro-bono coverage of happenings on the ground in NYC (and sometimes Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, or other nearby areas).

Since May 2020, our reporting (mostly tweets) and other work has been featured in many of the most prominent outlets in New York and around the world. We’re always looking for new contributors, supporters, collaborators, comrades, and info.



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STOP Spying

Protest Reporting Toolkit

The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.) is a 501(C)(3), non-profit advocacy organization and legal services provider.
Protest Reporting Toolkit
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

The Murder of Mikey Rosado

In Development
We take a look at a Bronx murder, and ask the hard questions about what happened on the night of August 29th, 2021.
Piggy Banks

The Cost of Tyrany

In Progress
A data collection of publically available information on police officers whom participated in the Anarchy Row sweeps.
Piggy Banks

Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

S.T.O.P. fights to end discriminatory surveillance. Our team challenges both individual misconduct and broader systemic failures.